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What are Sail & Discover Yourself cruises?

Sail & Discover Yourself cruises, proposes unique personal development and well-being sailing vacations to individuals, groups and families as we do believe that sailing vacation surrounded by beauty, nature and the sea provides one of the best environment to take care of our personal development and well-being.

Thus, Sail & Discover Yourself has partnered with exceptional professionals to bring you high value coaching programs. 

The subscription to the coaching program is optional as we do not want you to feel stressed for your vacation undertaking some work. Nevertheless we know that most of our guests will subscribe to it once they have met their coach.

You will benefit from one hour group coaching per day (Monday to Friday). As we will sail between 3 and 5 hours per day, this will leave plenty of time for yourself to enjoy the sea, the bays and places we will visit. And if you want more training, you can also book some personal coaching during the week.

Why do we combine sailing vacation and coaching

What is obvious for us sailors might not be so obvious for everyone. 

The activity of sailing by itself is personal development and well-being. We have seen so many people who joined our sailing vacation by being a bit tense and tired from a demanding day to day life and living the boat resourced and full of energy.

A week chilling out, to learn sailing (if you want so) or improve your practice and be totally immersed in the beauty of the nature and the present moment does miracles. The environment and the activity is just one of the best way to resource yourself. 

Add to this professional coaching, which are all optional, and you will feel like a happy baby, charged with positive energy and well-being.

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