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By the cabin charter in the Mediterranean


Whether you are a couple or alone, come and join us, for a by the cabin cruise.
All our cabin cruises are participatory and one-way.
Rent your own cabin and share “Chronos” with other participants.

What is a by the cabin charter / One Way charter?


  • One way: A sailing trip which goes form one place to another
  • The sharing of the yacht with other enthousiastics sailors
  • You charter your own double cabin or bunk cabin with or without someone
  • The bedlinen is included (Pillow, sheets, cover, towel)
  • You will actively participate to the manoeuvers and sailing
  • An experienced skipper will take care of you and the cruise
  • From 2 to 6 persons
  • We might ask you for some nautical experience
  • A mile certificate can be delivered
  • For a really affordable price as these cruises are on a participating base

This year, we will be sailing to and from several regions.

During these cabin cruises, you will sail more than during a “classic” cruise and you might also sail at night. However, the routes are chosen in such a way that there is always time for swimming, shore excursions and anchoring in beautiful bays.

These cruises are for those who enjoy sailing, learning and those who need sailing experience. The skipper can issue a mileage certificate on request.

During the cruise, you will get to know the other passengers, you will be able to share with them. Generally, people on this type of cruise all have a spirit of adventure, sharing and love of the great outdoors.

Our by the cabin and one way sailing program


From Preveza to Lavrio
From 11 to 18 April 2020


From Mykonos to Athens
From 1 6 to 23 May 2020


From Athens to Preveza
From 06 to 13 June 2020


Preveza / Greece to Dubrovnik / Croatia
From 20 to 27 June 2020


From Dubrovnik to Zadar
From 18 to 25 July 2020


From Zadar to Preveza
From 29 August to 05 September 2020

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