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By the cabin from Zadar to Preveza

  • Croisière à la cabine Zadar - Preveza

From 29 August to 05 September 2020
By the cabin cruise from Zadar to Preveza







D-Marin Marina Dalmacija – Sukosan 
Airports: Zadar, Split

Preveza Marina, Preveza, Ionian, Greece 
Airports: Preveza (PVK), Kefalonia (EFL), Thessaloniki (SKG)

500 nautical miles

Pax max. 6. Chronos can accomodate 10 people

The Dalmatian coast: Sukosan, Murter, Hvar.
Montenegro: Kotor. 
Ionian islands: Parga, Corfu, Preveza.
Night sailing, long legs, best season sailing
Nautical experience and practice

From 530 € / person


Join our captain Stephan and charter a cabin with Chronos, our Bavaria 50 for a unique sailing experience. We will cruise from Zadar to Preveza. 

We will start from the Sukosan marina, which is located in the heart of the Dalmatian coast, to sail south along the Dalmatian coast. The Croatian coast is one of the best sailing area and we will do coastal cruising between the many islands.
Before starting a long navigation to Preveza, we will take the opportunity to visit Montenegro and the famous mouths of Kotor. Our cruise will end in Preveza, a small greek town of dynamic fishermen and a lively waterfront and typical taverns.

Navigation conditions

At this time of the year, the winds should be from the north. It is possible that the Bura may be with us, a strong Croatian wind from the NW. Then sailing should be fast with a reach down. Chronos is made for these conditions. Nevertheless, we may sail without stopping for 2 – 3 days if the winds are lighter. It is important that the participants are ready for this type of advanture and accept these conditions.


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