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Sailing vacation in Mykonos – Greece

  • Croisière avec skipper dans les Cyclades

Yacht charter with skipper in Mykonos

Weeeks                 25 April to 02 May 
                               02 May to 09 May 
                               09 May to 16 May

Base                      Tourlos Marina, Mykonos

Airports                Mykonos (Direct flights)
                               Paros, Milos, Syros, Naxos
                               (Through with Athens)

Privatized cruise
2 500 € / week
(417 € per person)

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A privatized sailing cruise with skipper departing from Mykonos is one of the best way to discover the Cyclades. The sparkling white villages, the small fishing ports and creeks with crystal clear waters make it a paradise where an authentic sweetness of life reigns.

Croisière avec skipper dans les Cyclades

The Cyclades group of islands consists of 21 large and 20 smaller islands, each with its own character and charm. The Cyclades are considered by most travelers to be the most typical part of Greece, with its charming white houses and windmills, beautiful sunny beaches, ancient ruins, and small taverns.

The beauty of sailing holidays in this region is the possibility to easily get off the “beaten track” and visit undiscovered places such as Kea, Sifnos, Serifos, and Kythnos.

Magnificent sandy beaches, wonderful traditional architecture, breathtaking scenery, and fascinating ancient history are present through its many beautiful and idyllic islands.

Croisière avec skipper dans les Cyclades

Sailing conditions

The sailing conditions are not as tough as during the summer month. Spring and Autumn are the best month to spend a sailing vacation in Greece. The winds are regular with a smooth sea.


The following itinerary is a suggestion
It can be adapted to the wishes of the group, the weather conditions and the decision of the skipper

Saturday : Welcome on board / Mykonos

You will be able to board on Chronos at 5pm. We will do our shopping if the delivery option has not been chosen. Cabin allocation and storage of personal belongings and groceries. Meals on board or going out in Mykonos or in the vicinity of the marina. Time to discuss our program and itinerary, depending on the marine weather and wind forecast for the week and the wishes of the group.

Sunday : Our first day of sailing from Mykonos to Naoussa/Paros / Get acclimated on board. Sailing a nice reach toward Paros and the Naoussa bay – 20 Miles

Breakfast on board and safety briefing and skipper instruction. We will sail to Paros, our first island of the Cyclades to land and enjoy the beautiful bay of Naoussa, in the north of the island. We can either anchor, or be at the fishing port of Naoussa.

Monday : From the small Cyclades/Koufonissia to Katapola / Amorgos / A nice sailing trough the islands towards Amorgos – 20 Miles

Sailing in a more open sea conditions with nice waves and surf conditions, if the Meltemi is strong. Sailing with the wind from the side or from 3/4 back is a very pleasant reach, and one of the fastest under sail. Unlike upwind sailing where you face the sea from the front, downwind sailing allows you to glide with the waves and move forward with the wind. We will be at the quay in the village of Katapola. Possible visit of the monastery of Amorgos, the Mecca of Greek Orthodoxy and filmed in the Big Blue by Luc Besson.

Tuesday : From Koufonissia / Amorgos to Schoinousa / Small Cyclades – 20 miles / Saling trough the islands

Pleasant sailing between the islands. We will anchor west of the island of Schoinousa to admire the sunset and the unique reliefs of the small Cyclades.

Wednesday : From Schoinousa/ Small Cyclades to Anti – Paros 25 Miles / A few hours crossing towards Anti-Paros, which has to be discovered

We have been on the water for 3-4 hours. The group at this stage will be fully acclimatized and ready for a longer crossing. The pace should be full and pleasant and the opportunity for you, if you wish, to familiarize yourself with the routing, traditional navigation, to observe the nautical landscape around you, to helm in a more formed sea, to make a landing on an unknown island… The island of Anti-Paxos is magnificent and offers beautiful anchorages.

Thursday : Form Anti-Paxos to Syros / Its time to sail back north toward Syros – 25 miles

Early departure for a good day sailing, 25 miles to the NNW which would be against the wind. The Meltemi at this time of year should blow reasonably and this crossing should be done in fair conditions. The same route in July-August would be quite tough beating against Beaufort 6 or more in a messy sea. This is also the advantage of sailing in the Cyclades in spring where the Meltemi is not yet at its maximum strength. We will enjoy Syros, which is the capital of the Cyclades and a lively, beautiful with greek atmosphere place.

Friday : Crossing to Mykonos and stop in Delos & Rhinia / Crossing with the wind on the beam – Nice sailing – 25 Miles

It will be a nice sailing reaching towards Delos & Rhinia, one of the most visited ancient temple in the Cyclades. It will even be busy at this season of the year but much less than in the summer month. We will arrive friday evening in Mykonos for a last evening onChronos. We can enjoy a tavern near the marina or reach Mykonos by taxi in 15 minutes drive

Saturday: Check out at 9 am / Breakfast on board and check out.

Our last morning and breakfast on Chronos. We can organize your transfer to the airport or hotel if you have decided to spend some more time in Mykonos which is worth at this period of the year.


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