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Yacht charter with skipper from Athens

Embarkment         From July to end of October

Dates                      From Saturday to Saturday 

Base                       Alimos Marina – Athens

Yacht                     Choice of the sailboat

Airport                  Athens

Privatized cruise from 
3 000 € / week


Charter a yacht with skipper from Athens and discover the great sailing conditions and places to visit in the Saronic Gulf. An ideal and easily accessible destination for those who wish to explore the incomparable beauty of the Greek islands with ideal weather conditions.

Croisière avec skipper depuis Athènes

This region is the cradle of Greek civilization and is home to important archaeological sites, such as the Doric temple of Aphaia on the island of Aegina or the ancient theatre of Epidavros and other signs of a glorious past, such as the mosaic floors of the island of Spetses and the atmosphere of the ancient Persian fleet in Salamis.

The islands southwest of Athens are among the most beautiful and interesting of all the Greek islands. They are close to each other, usually within two or three hours of sailing time. Long sandy beaches, fragrant pine forests and rocky capes against a backdrop of bright sunshine and crystal blue water offer an infinite variety of landscapes of unbelievable beauty.

It is a picturesque island located very close to Athens. It has a rather traditional city (port) with neo-classical architecture, 2-3 picturesque fishing villages and important archaeological sites.

Poros has a unique landscape and is one of the most popular sailing destinations. It is located near Athens and is separated by the continent only by a narrow canal. It is very pleasant to stroll through the narrow streets of this picturesque town, all the way to the top of the island.
Poros attracts all boaters, as it is the most “friendly” island in the Saronic Gulf. It is full of greenery and its pine trees border an emerald green sea.

Hydra is one of the most charming and cosmopolitan islands in the Mediterranean. It has a traditional historic town, built in an amphitheater on the hills surrounding its small port.
Hydra reflects a unique romantic atmosphere. Vehicles are not allowed on the island.

Croisière avec skipper depuis Athènes

Sailing conditions

In July and August, the temperatures reach 28-33 degrees, but it is a hot and dry climate that is really pleasant! especially on the water
The Saronic Gulf is often chosen during the summer month as an alternative destination to the Cyclades and the Dodecanese for sailing holidays in Greece as the sea is more protected. The Meltemi usually blows up to Beaufort 6 but with a lesser effect on the sea as in the Cyclades area. Sailing with a 50 feet yacht in these conditions is pleasant.


The itinerary below is a suggestion. It can be adapted according to the weather conditions, your wishes and the skipper's decision. 

Saturday: Welcome on board / Alimos Marina – Athens

Embarkation on your sailboat from 5pm. We will make the purchases if the delivery option has not been chosen. Meals on board or in town. Discussion of our program and itinerary, according to the weather forecast for the week and the wishes of the group.

Sunday : Aegina

Aigina, only 18 nautical miles from Athens, is a pleasant first stopover and already far from the hustle and bustle of Athens. The fishing port and its village are very picturesque and typically Greek. A site not to be missed is the impressive temple of Aphaea built in the 5th century. Aigina is also famous for its pistachios.

Monday : Epidavros

We will anchor in the small and charming bay of Epidavros in front of a beautiful beach. The waterfront with its tavernas is very pleasant. Epidavros is particularly famous for its imposing ancient theatre which is one of the best-preserved in ancient Greece. The site is 30 minutes by taxi from the village. A visit is a must

Tuesday : Poros

The small island of Poros is a small hill encircled by the sea and separated from the mainland only by a small distance. The village of Poros is built on the hill and is typically Greek with its narrow streets and colorful houses. You should go to the top of the village and admire the magnificent view and the famous clock that dominates the village. The beauty of the place and the proximity of Athens make it a very visited place. The numerous taverns along the quays surrounding the village offer a lot of variety and choice.

Wednesday : Hydra

The long island of Hydra is rocky and sparsely inhabited. The island has been historically important and its village is picturesque with many buildings dating from its flourishing days. Today, Hydra is a popular island for jet-setters, artists, and Athenians. Combustion vehicles are banned on the island, making it a quiet place away from the influx of tourists. We will drop anchor near the village to enjoy the peace and nature. We will be able to reach the village by water taxi or take a 30-minute walk along the coast to get to the village.

Thursday : Agio Loannis

We will anchor for the night around a small group of uninhabited islands with beautiful anchorages. Calm and nature at the rendezvous.

Friday : Salamina

The south-west coast of Salamine is very beautiful and offers very good anchorages. We will then be able to sail along the island and sail to Athens on a pleasant course. We will arrive in Athens at the end of the day, which will give us time to enjoy an evening in the capital.

Saturday – End of cruise / Alimos Marina – Athens

Our cruise is coming to an end. Our last breakfast on board and we will have to leave our sailboat at 9 am.

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