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Yacht charter with skipper in the Ionian

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Discover the Ionian with a skippered yacht charter

Weeks, from Saturday to Saturday   

8, 15 or 21 days

From 13 to 20 June 
From 05 to 12 September 
From 12 to 19 September
From 19 to 26 September
26 September to 03 October 
From 03 to 10 October 
From 10 to 17 October 
From 17 to 24 October
From 24 to 31 octobre

Base                Preveza Marina, Corfou, Kefalonia

Aéroports    Preveza, Corfou, Kefalonia, Athènes

Privatized cruise from 
2 700 € / week



If you land in Athens, we suggest that you rent a car and spend some few days exploring the Gulf of Corinth and the picturesque old town of Preveza as well as the town of Parga, which lies in the shadow of its Venetian castle.

Croisière avec skipper dans les îles Ioniennes

The place we love ♥


When we arrived in Preveza, someone told us that this city is like glue, we planed to spend a few days there, but in the end we stayed much longer…and we confirm that this is the reality! The city is pleasant, the taverns are delicious, the narrow pedestrian streets invite you to stroll, the atmosphere is friendly and there is no mass tourism here. Preveza is definitely the Greece we love.

Having a drink on the terrace, facing the sea, then savor a fish in a tavern, and finally walk  around its pedestrian streets, still alive once the sun goes down, nothing better to start your holiday. We recommend it!

All the Ionian Islands are charming! Castles and beautiful cities with mythical buildings or olive groves and pine forests along the water’s edge dotted with creeks, you will have the choice to relax and swim.

Ionian Islands

Like Ulysses, you will sail to Lefkas, Ithaca, Kefalonia. Grilled sea bream, calm sea, fresh vegetables, turquoise water, sunshine, kindness and hospitality, you will find everything that makes Greece such a wonderful country.
We have fallen in love with it, so it is with pleasure that we share it with you.

You will have this feeling of change of scenery, of softness, we are well there in these islands.

Lefkas with its imposing fortified castle and surf spots; Ithaca, the island of the poets and birthplace of Ulysses; or the bewitching landscapes of Meganisi, Kefalonia and Kastos.
During your cruise, you will be seduced by the historical and natural heritage all around you. Nature is not to be outdone, in the middle of crystal-clear water, from the pine forests to the water’s edge, sublime beaches and creeks.

Croisière avec skipper dans les îles Ioniennes
Croisière avec skipper dans les îles Ioniennes

Navigation conditions

The winds in the Ionian Sea are remarkably constant during the summer months. From the end of May to the end of September, the Maistro wind blows over the Ionian Islands from the northwest. Usually it pics up in the early afternoon and dies down again in the evening. The Ionian Sea does not suffer from the stong Meltemi, that affect the more eastern regions of Greece.

The prevailing wind is channelled by the mountainous land masses, so that it can vary in strength and direction quite rapidly. The wind is usually strongest in July and August.

Possible point of departures and itineraries

Chronos will be in the Ionian Islands for the aft-season. This is for us the best time to visit the region. Our base will be Preveza. We can also depart from Corfu or Kefalonia, or even organize a one-way cruise from Corfu to Preveza or Kefalonia. 

The Ionian region allows you to choose between two distinct sailing areas, either North or South of Preveza. A departure from Preveza allows the choice between these two routes.

The southern route (Lefkas, Meganisi, Itaki, Kastos, Kalamos), allows you to cruise in a protected area from offshore with relatively small distances between the islands. The winds are a little less regular, especially in the off-season. The islands all have their own charms with many possibilities of creeks and anchorages.


The northern route (Parga, Paxos, Anti-Paxos, Sivota, Murter, Corfu) allows you to sail in more open sea with more regular winds. The coast south of Pargas is particularly beautiful and attractive. We can also visit the islands of Paxos and Anti-Paxos and possibly Corfu if the wind conditions are good.


Finally, ideally, a cruise of two consecutive weeks will allow you to discover the two regions.


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