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Meet our professional coaches

We have carefully selected our coaches to bring you the best experience in the domain of personal development and well-being. All our coaches are certified professionals. Most of them are also passionate sailors.

Jon - Emotional Intelligence (EI) expert

Meet our professional coaches

Jon is a confidential executive, mentor, coach and strategic advisor to game changers, rainmakers and market breakers. A successful business entrepreneur in his own right. Jon is an inspirational speaker on personal growth, Emotional Intelligence and mindfulness and leaders.

Jon is now semi-retired and lives on his sailing yacht in the Ionian. He propose his coaching expertise to a few on his yacht. Jon & Stephan, who met regularly on the water, became friends and decided to co-organize flotilla cruises with his yacht, a Sun Odyssey 440 and our Chronos to allow more people to benefit from his professional expertise. 

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Flotilla cruises with Jon & Stephan


Uta Sophie - Expert in stress and burnout prevention

Meet our professional coaches

Uta Sophie, is an M.Sc.-Psychologist, coach and relaxation therapist.

She is an expert in stress and burnout prevention.

Uta Sophie completed several further training courses in various psychological methods, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, in order to help her customers with psychologically sound methods and expert knowledge.

However, she started her professional career in a completely different field. On board of various cruise ships, she made experiences that had a great impact on her. She discovered foreign countries, cultures and interesting people.

More about Uta Sophie

Stress balance cruises with Uta Sophie

Chloé - Qualified yoga instructor

Meet our professional coachesChloé is Stephan’s daughter and of course a wonderful and lovely  human being which makes his dad really proud.

She has graduated from “Les Hautes Ecoles Pédagogiques, HEP” Fribourg, Switzerland. She is an active kindergarten teacher in the french part of Switzerland while pursuing a 3 years specialization program to awaken children to creative and manual work.

Chloé got her yoga instructor qualification in 2021.

She has been sailing with her dad for many years.

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