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Stress balance sailing cruise with Uta Sophie

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Stress balance sailing cruise with Uta Sophie

The choice of coaching and sailing

As a coastal child, Uta Sophie has turned her passion into her profession and simply transferred her coaching to the water, or more precisely, to sailing boats and yachts.

Through her sailing training and countless cruises on the Baltic Sea, in Croatia or Greece, she has been able to experience for herself how well sailing works against stress and anxiety and how effectively a sailing trip can be to solve interpersonal conflicts.

Through the unique combination of sailing, sports and relaxation in beautiful maritime landscapes, she has become aware of how simple and yet so effective a sailing time-out is.

In her opinion, there is hardly a better and more beautiful way than sailing with the wind towards the sun, letting go and enjoying the moment in the here and now. The experience of adjusting to your fellow sailors to form a team that can navigate the boat safely and still have time for yourself is priceless.

It is exactly these experiences that she would like to share with you.

More about stress

The phenomenon that is called “stress” today has many faces. Its symptoms, the effects on us and our environment, the interactions between professional and private life, are as individual as we are ourselves. Just as individual are our resources, coping strategies and how we deal with daily hassles!  So there is no “one” way to deal with stress.

What will it bring to you

On this trip you will learn to let go and reduce negative spirals. We help you to find out your individual causes for overload and to strengthen your abilities so that you are optimally armed against the stress triggers in your life. Negative stress only arises when our personal resources are no longer sufficient to cope with everyday stress and/or critical life events.

This permanent stress can even lead to illnesses and disorders, as the body has lost the ability to self-regulate.

Meet your coach

Stress balance sailing cruise with Uta SophieUta Sophie Hobohm, is an M.Sc.-Psychologist, coach and relaxation therapist.

She is an expert in stress and burnout prevention.

Uta Sophie completed several further training courses in various psychological methods, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, in order to help her customers with psychologically sound methods and expert knowledge.

However, she started her professional career in a completely different field. On board of various cruise ships, she made experiences that had a great impact on her. She discovered foreign countries, cultures and interesting people.

More about Uta Sophie

Meet your skipper

Stress balance sailing cruise with Uta SophieThroughout your sailing adventure, Stephan will be at your side to show you and share with you his love of sailing. Also pedagogical and available at all times, it will be his pleasure to introduce you to the maneuvers, navigation, map reading and positioning on the water by traditional means.

Stephan is also a graduated Yacht & Boat designer.

He speaks fluently English, German and French

More about your skipper

Your sailing yacht Chronos - Bavaria 50 - 5 cabins

Stress balance sailing cruise with Uta Sophie
Bavaria 50 - 1999 - 5 cabin version

The ionian - A sailing paradise

Stress balance sailing cruise with Uta SophieLike Ulysse, you will sail to Lefkas, Ithaca, Kefalonia. Grilled sea bream, calm sea, fresh vegetables, turquoise water, sunshine, kindness and hospitality, you will find everything that makes Greece such a wonderful country.
We have fallen in love with it, so it is with pleasure that we share it with you.

You will have this feeling of change of scenery, of softness, we are well there in these islands.

Lefkas with its imposing fortified castle and surf spots; Ithaca, the island of the poets and birthplace of Ulysse; or the bewitching landscapes of Meganisi, Kefalonia and Kastos.
During your cruise, you will be seduced by the historical and natural heritage all around you. Nature is not to be outdone, in the middle of crystal-clear water, from the pine forests to the water’s edge, sublime beaches and creeks.

Preveza - Your departure point

Stress balance sailing cruise with Uta Sophie
The place we love ♥


When we arrived in Preveza, someone told us that this city is like glue, we planed to spend a few days there, but at the end we stayed much longer…and we confirm that this is the reality! The city is pleasant, the taverns are delicious, the narrow pedestrian streets invite you to stroll, the atmosphere is friendly and there is no mass tourism here. Preveza is definitely the Greece we love.

Having a drink on the terrace, facing the sea, then savor a fish in a tavern, and finally walk around its pedestrian streets, still alive once the sun goes down, nothing better to start your holiday. We recommend it!

How to get there

By plane
Preveza has an international airport located 7 km from the town quay or Preveza marina where we would be.
If you can’t find a direct flight, you can go through Athens, Corfu, Kefalonia, UK or

By bus
From Athens, count 5h40. The journey will cost you 30€ per person and is very pleasant.

By car
Rent a car in Athens for a week if you are at least 4 people. The cost is around 100 €.

We advise you to pass through Athens on your way to or from the airport and spend 2-3 days there. This cosmopolitan and fascinating city is full of small streets where it is good to stroll but also to discover its heritage.
Do not hesitate to ask us for our good tips for a stay in Athens.

Possible sailing routes

Another reason for us to have chosen Preveza as a departure point is the two different possible routes you can take for a week cruise. A two week cruise would actually be ideal as it allows you to both areas.

In any case, we will discuss with the group which routes would be more suited.

The northern route (Parga, Paxos, Anti-Paxos, Sivota, Murter, Corfu) allows us to sail in a open sea with more regular winds. The coast south of Pargas is particularly beautiful and attractive. We can also visit the islands of Paxos and Anti-Paxos and possibly Corfu if the wind conditions are good or if we have two weeks in front of us.

The southern route (Lefkas, Meganisi, Itaki, Kastos, Kalamos), allows you to cruise in a protected area from offshore with relatively small distances between the islands. The winds are a little less regular, especially in the off-season. The islands all have their own charms with many possibilities of creeks and anchorages.


Prices per person including 15% early bird discount (two months in advance)

3 double cabins available for guests:
Double Cabin shared / Double cabin single use

Low season: Until the 22nd. of May and after the 2nd. of October
€425 / €638
Mid season: From 22nd. of May to the 26 June and 4 September to 2 October
€553/ €829
High season : From 26th of June to 5th of September
€723 / €1084

Private use of Chronos:

Low season: Until the 22nd. of May and after the 2nd. of October:
€2550 per week
Mid season: From 22 May to the 26 June and 4 September to 2 October
€3400 per week
Hi season: From 22 May to the 26 June and 4 September to 2 October
€4250 per week

What is included:

🔸 Accommodation in comfortable cabin and boat’s amenities
🔸 Friendly and experienced skipper
🔸 Bed linen and towels
🔸 Final cleaning
🔸 Dinghy and outboard
🔸 First and last night at base
🔸 Insurance for the yacht, crew and guests


🔹 Stress balance program by Uta Sophie: €200 / person for 5 hours group sessions
🔹 Board expenses (provisioning, fuel, marinas, skipper & coach expenses etc.): circa. €40/person/day
🔹 Airport transfers 
🔹 Personal expenses
🔹 Travel insurance

Flexible booking terms

Downpayment is only 20%.
Balance is up to 30 days prior departure.

For questions and bookings, contact:

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