Sail & Discover

I was looking to introduce my family to live on a sailboat and let them discover the joys and pleasures of cruising. My search for a skipper and a boat on the Internet led me quite by chance to the Sail & Discover website. I was immediately attracted, I posted my request in the afternoon and after a first exchange via email, we met the same evening on the phone.

And the adventure had already begun. From the organization to our discovery of the boat, Stephan and Christelle were present for us at all times and we made sure that this cruise remained an unforgettable moment for us.

From the departure from the Portisco Marina to our return a week later, every day brought their own special moments of wonder: life on board, the landscapes that our boat allowed us to discover, the anchorages in the evening in magnificent creeks far from the crowds, the beautiful starry nights.

Thank you, Stephan, for all these moments of joy, good mood, and discovery, all in complete safety at all times. We had a wonderful week.

See you soon for new adventures (Translated from French)

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