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SDY Uta Sophie Coach – En

Uta Sophie

SDY Uta Sophie Coach - En

As a coastal child, Uta Sophie has turned her passion into her profession and simply transferred her coaching to the sea, or more precisely, to sailing boats and yachts. 

She is a relaxation therapist, coach for depression- and burnout prevention and M.Sc. Psychologist. In the past years she completed several further training courses in various scientific and alternative methods, such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy or Mindfulness training in order to support her customers with sound methods and expert knowledge, based on their individual needs.

Sophie combines her competencies with many years of experience in counselling individuals, groups and teams in the private sphere as well as executives and employees in a professional context.  In her holistic and sustainable philosophy, body, mind and soul are equally involved.

Through the sailing training and countless cruises on the Baltic Sea, in Croatia or Greece, she has been able to experience for herself how well sailing works against stress and anxiety and how effectively a sailing trip can solve interpersonal conflicts. Through the unique mixture of sport and relaxation in beautiful maritime landscapes, she has become aware of how simple and yet so effective a sailing time-out is. 

In Sophie´s opinion, there is hardly a better and more beautiful way than sailing with the wind towards the sun, letting go and enjoying the moment in the here and now. It is exactly these experiences that she would like to share with you.

With this combination, in conjunction with our experience and passion for sailing, we not only offer you a dreamlike and relaxing sailing trip, but also give you the knowledge and tools to be able to transfer the experience and the knowledge effectively into your everyday life.

Diseases and disorders often arise because the body loses the ability to self-regulate. This is why Sophie works with other experts on some occasions to offer further holistic and sustainable coaching sessions under sails. such as wellness- and osteopathic treatments, Reiki or posture training in order to mobilise the body’s self-healing powers.  


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