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Frequently Asked Questions

Before your cruise

A sailing cruise does not require you to be in top physical form; Our cruises are suitable for all ages.

However, a moving sailboat requires you to be stable on your feet and relatively agile. A cruise requires that you are able to climb up and down the transom ladder to access the water.
Sometimes you also need to embark and disembark in the dingy which needs a bit of dexterity. But don’t worry, the skipper and some friendly hands will be there to help you.

Our privatized and cabin cruises are on our Bavaria 50 cruiser.

With its 15,4 Meters of length and 4,55 Meter beam, our yacht Chronos is a good sized sailing safe and stable monohull which offers confort and space for a group of 7 people. The yacht can accomodate up to 10 people. We prefer to limit the participants to 6 to offer space and confort.

Of course, children of any age are admitted onboard. Children love the sea and the water. The skipper will have special attention towards the children but the parents will still be responsible for their children.

Our privatized cruises are for groups from 2 to 8 persons. There is no minimum people to privatize the yacht. Of course, less you are more expensive it would be. An ideal number for a privatized cruises in terms of price and confort is for 4 to 6 persons

If you do not want to privatize your cruise, you can join one of our cabin cruises and book a cabin for your own or the two of you. These cruises are sailing from a point A to a point B. You will be asked to participate. As for a participation cruises, the prices for a shared cabin are very interesting.

The spoken languages on board are English, French and German.

Our privatized cruises allow you to do whatever you want on board. The skipper takes care of everything. He may occasionally ask you for help when mooring the yacht in a marina. This is your cruise and you decide of the type. Of course your participation is desired but not mandatory. If you do not want to cook and clean, we can provide you with an hostess.

For our cabin cruises, the skipper will ask you to take a more active part in sailing and cruising and its great and fun and you will learn!

They are for everyone with or without nautical experience. The only pre-requisite is to be in normal physical condition and to be ready to participate in the sailboat’s manoeuvres and progress. 
A cabin and a one-way cruise, supervised by an experienced captain, is an excellent way to learn about sailing and cruising or to gain more nautical experience.

The prices of our cabin cruises are also particularly interesting because they are participative. 

No, the principle of a cabin cruise is to be able to join alone or as a couple and to charter a cabin and by sharing the yacht with other people. If you have a large enough group, then consider to privatize your cruise. The privatization of the sailboat becomes interesting starting with a group of 4 people.

On board

When sailing, the sailboats use 12V current coming from the batteries for power supply. It is therefore not possible to charge your devices with a 220V sockets. Nevertheless, you can charge your devices with the USB sockets in your cabin. (One double socket per cabin)

When the sailboat is in a marina, it is connected to the 220V shore power. It is therefore possible to charge your mobiles and other devices from the 220V sockets on the sailboat.

Chronos is equipped with a good quality stereo system with radio and jack and Bluetooth connection for ipod, iphone, mp3 players.

All marinas are equipped with wifi. On board, there is no wifi but most of the time, you will have 4G network. We advise you for your cruise to disconnect from your electronic devices.

Chronos, our Bavaria 50 is equipped in first category which means that the yacht has a full security equipment to sail without any distance limitation to the shore. 

Children love sailing and the sea, which is a limitless playground. There is no real age to take children on board.

In case of small children on board, the sailboat can be equipped with nets (optional) that surround the boat (height from 0.80 to 1.20 m) and prevent children from falling overboard. Special lifejackets for children can be furnished.

The skipper/supervisor will have a special attention towards the children. Nevertheless, it is the responsibility of the parents to look after them.

Chronos comes with a full equipped galley (kitchen), a two stove gas burner with oven and a spacious cooler. You can  therefore cook very well on board.
Meal preparation, meals and dish washes are convivial moments of sharing. The choice of eating on board or discovering local restaurants will depend on the wishes of the group.

Meals are taken on board or ashore in local tavernas. If you need some specific products, you can order them before the cruise and make them delivered on board. All our departure points have sufficient infrastructure to do a good shopping before the cruise.

You will find on Chronos bedlinen, a pillow and blanket per person. We will also provide you with a good bath towel.

Our Bavaria 50 has two large fresh water tanks totaling 460 Liters  of water. This is enough to cover the need of a group of 4 to 6  people for a week if the group takes care of its consumption. 

Sailing in warm waters allows to swim regularly and our bodies don’t get as dirty as in the city.   The aft decks of the yachts is also equipped with a shower hose that allows you to rinse quickly with fresh water after swimming.  

There are excellent biodegradable shampoos and shower gels for seawater washing or you can simply use soap to avoid plastic. We strongly encourage you to take products without parabens, coconut sulphate and plastic; it is not good for you, nor for the nature around you:-)

During your cruise, you will have the full use of the yacht except everybody’s private quarters. Each double cabin has its own bathroom and toilet. 

The galley (boat kitchen) is furnished with all the necessary equipment to cook well: gas cooker, oven,  cooler, kitchen utensils. There is no hostess, everyone takes part in the life on board to organize meals, dishes, etc…

Meals can be taken on board or ashore according to your choice. Breakfasts are usually taken on board, which allows us to discuss our day’s programme.

Concerning the shopping, you will have the choice between going shopping yourself before departure in a supermarket next to the marina or you can order in advance a shopping list and have your products delivered on board on the day of boarding.

A typical day includes 3-4 hours of sailing, swimming stops and stops to visit nice places. Of course, our privatized cruises are being tailor-made, Stephan will adapt to your request.

If you want more navigation, then you will sail more intensely; if you fall under the spell of a creek, you can fully enjoy it for as long as you like.

We propose a standard itinerary, which can be modified according to your wishes and weather conditions.

What you want to do during your privatized cruise will only depend on you. All activities are possible: Paddle, kitesurfing, windsurfing, museum visits, archaeological sites, wine tasting, gourmet cruises, yoga (yoga instructor on board), horse riding, etc… Please let us know if you would like some special activity during or around your cruise and it will be our pleasure to organize it for you. 

It is obvious that some activities require planning before the departure of the cruise.

Your skipper Stephan, will be very attentive to create homogeneity and sharing among the groups through the sailing and cruising activities. Encounters will make your stay unforgettable and perhaps future friendships will be born…

You will all be there in the same spirit, sailing, manoeuvring, steering, disconnecting, relaxing, getting out of your daily life and discovering, all this will allow you to be in sharing and serenity, out of time.

From experience, we can confirm that even if people do not know each other from the start, good friendships result from the cruise.

Not knowing the people who will accompany you may be a source of anxiety, but you will see that everybody is in the same spirit and the love of the outdoor, the sharing of a common activity and to live a true adventure will link the crew together. One of the skippers role is also to anticipate any tension building.

Practical advises

We will ask for a deposit of 1’500€ for our privatized cruise by credit card imprint at the time of boarding. This deposit covers any damage caused to the vessel and its equipment.
The amount corresponds to the yacht’s insurance deposit.
In order to leave with a peace of mind, we advise you to subscribe to Force 9 insurance from our partner, Ouest Assurances, which can cover the redemption of the deposit, cancellation insurance and assistance.

The cost of the cruises expenses are between 25 and 35 € per person per day, but this will obviously depend on the number of meals taken on board and in restaurants, the marinas visited, etc….

Overnight stays in marinas do cost. Rates vary according to the infrastructure provided and the reputation of the place. The cost for Chronos to stay overnight in a marina is between 50 and 80€. Sail & Discover will most often prefer  anchorages but it is sometimes necessary to stop in a marina to refuel or visit places. The choice to spend the night in a marina is a group choice! 

Skippers expenses
The skipper’s food expenses are covered by the group. The group may or may not invite the captain to share their meal at the restaurant.

Water on board a sailboat
Chronos has a large water tank (460 litres). Water is charged in marinas and its price varies considerably from one place to another. We try to be careful about our consumption, especially in places where water has become a luxury. In warm places where people bathe daily, it is not necessary, for personal hygiene, to take a daily shower. There are excellent ecological shampoos and shower gels for seawater washing.

We give maximum priority to sailing. However, the occasional use of the engine is essential for manoevering in marinas and recharging batteries.

Common board wallet
A board wallet will be established for this purpose. We ask participants to take sufficient cash with them to fund the wallet. It is not always easy to find a cash withdrawal.

Do not take any rigid suitcases and travel bags that have rigid frames. Soft sport bags are ideal.
This luggages are difficult to store on board and will have to be stored in your cabin.
Foldable sports bags are ideal.

The choice of clothing depends on the sailing area, but even in warm waters, wind and waves can make your trip uncomfortable if you don’t have the right equipment. In hot regions, you will spend most of your time on the sailboat in a bathing suit. 

Think practical when you prepare your clothes 

Clothing for warm water sailing areas
– A waterproof and lightweight windproof jacket
– A pair of deck/sneakers shoes with a good non-slip sole (avoid shoes with a plastic sole which can be slippery). Most of the time, you will be barefoot on board.
– A sweater and/or a light fleece

Clothing for cold water and cool seasons
– Offshore wetsuit (jacket and trousers)
– Windproof and waterproof sail jacket
– Polar fleece
– Gloves
– A cloth for the neck
– Thermal underwear, warm socks
– Sailing boots
– Deck shoes

The reverberation of the sun on the sea combined with the wind can be very damaging to your skin and eyes, as you will not feel the burning sun while sailing, but it will have its effect.
You will therefore need adequate protection for your head, eyes and skin.

We advise you to take a cap or a hat, sunglasses adapted for the sea and sunscreen appropriate to the sensitivity of your skin and  biodegradable.

Sensitivity to seasickness varies greatly from one individual to another depending on the state of the sea, personal situation and apprehension about the elements.

In most cases, seasickness is psychological in nature, as the body tends to lose its balance. There are a lot of tips and tricks to counter seasickness and you will quickly learn to avoid it (look at the horizon, don’t stay in your cabin, participate…).

However, there is a category of people who are very sensitive to seasickness or travel sickness. We suggest that they take appropriate medications with them.

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